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Who is dead?

  • Moira
  • Tate
  • Bryan and Troy (the twins)
  • Chad and Patrick (the gay couple)
  • Addy - Not Ghost
  • Nora
  • Charles
  • Gladys and Maria (the nurses)
  • Hayden
  • The Dead Breakfast Club
  • Fiona, Bianca (not a ghost), and Dallas (the cultists/intruders)
  • Hugo
  • Travis
  • Violet
  • Vivien
  • Thaddeus (the Infantada)
  • Beauregard
  • Ben
  • Larry’s family

Will Addy come back?

  • We’re not sure. Ryan said in an interview that she’s not coming back but things could change.
  • UPDATE: No.

Is Tate leaving/Evan being replaced?

  • Despite the 7 episode credit listed on IMdB, Tate and Evan are staying.

Who is Rubber Man?

  • Tate is Rubber Man.

What is the infantada?

  • In episode 7 we see Charles stitched up the baby and brought it to Nora. Though Ryan said in an interview that the Infantada takes many forms when asked if it was the Rubber Man.

Where is the AHS house located?

  • Southern California. I would put the address here but there is someone currently living in the house and I would hate to have them disturbed by fans of the show.

If __________ is dead, how did they leave the house?

  • It was either Halloween or a Flashback.

Did Tate and Violet have sex?

  • Yes.

Why did Tate rape/have sex with Vivien?

  • Tate had sex with Vivien because he was trying to give Nora a baby since she lost hers and really wants one. This is also the reason why he killed Chad and Patrick. They were going to adopt a baby but had marital problems. Tate killed them so a new family would move in and therefore give him a new opportunity to give Nora a baby.

Since Ben started to see Moira as old, does that mean Young!Moira is gone and Alexandra is leaving the show?

  • Young!Moira is here to stay! In the words of Ryan Murphy “Fuck that, she ain’t leaving”

Is _______ coming back in Season 2?

  • The returning cast members are: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto.

Are Tate and Violet still together/will they be in Season 2?

  • No, they are currently not a couple. Violet doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him, it seems as though she’s actually scared of him now. Considering all the bad things he’s done, I don’t blame her.
  • UPDATE: Season 2 is completely separate from Season 1, therefore, no Tate/Violet. Everyone who comes back will play new characters.

Why does Moira change depending on perspective?

  • My roommates and I’s theory is that Moira changes to be perceived as however she wants. With men she’s stuck in this this cycle of being a whore and that’s kind of all she knows and she uses it to her advantage, being able to manipulate men. But with women she wants to be seen as her true self and she doesn’t want women to automatically write her off as a whore, she wants to be respected. When she was younger BECAUSE she was a pretty girl she was automatically perceived as a slut even though she was actually being raped. So she doesn’t want that anymore. She feels that she deserves respect.

Why do some ghosts change clothes but not others?

  • I think it’s a personal preference of how the ghosts want to be perceived. Also ghosts that don’t change clothes are usually sub-characters that aren’t around that often so clothing changes aren’t really prominent/important since they’re not seen as much as the others. It’s more of a production thing than a character development thing.

Do you/Did you/Will you ever ship Violate and why?

  • No. I just don’t.

When does the show come back?

  • October 17th, 2012.